Here at TEH Therapy we offer a range of injury treatment in Coventry and surrounding areas, to help get you moving freely again.



Deep tissue massage- A great way to reduce pain when suffering from tight and restricted movements. By working on your muscles and fascia we aim to elongate the muscles using a myofascial release technique.

This eases the muscle so that it’s longer and better prepared to work. Allowing more movement and reducing pain.



Using machines such as a TEN’S and Ultrasound to stimulate the body to either increase the healing of damaged structures such as tendons and ligaments, or to reduce sensitivity and decrease swelling in painful and injured areas..

Elbow Injury


This is probably the biggest part of rehabilitation to get you back to a pain-free lifestyle. Tailored exercise programs to fit in with your lifestyle and injury needs, allow specific and guided progress to make you stronger and more aware of painful movement patterns.

By identifying the correct structures, we aim, through exercise to increase your strength and stability making movement easier, less strenuous and less painful.



Developed by the Chinese over 2000 years ago, Medical acupuncture is a westernised version using the same principles. We aim to reduce and manage your pain by stimulating your brain, through over 50 acupuncture points spread throughout the body.

By targeting the correct points they can increase healing and reduce your sensitivity, overall increasing function and reducing your pain.

The Team

Tom From TEH Therapy

Tom is the owner of TEH Therapy and Graduate Sports Therapist from Coventry University. Tom has worked as a sports therapist with some high-profile teams such as Coventry Rugby club and Coventry United FC.

Tom’s passion is helping people get back to a more active and pain-free lifestyle. Having personal experience with a few serious injuries and knowing exactly how hard treatment and rehabilitation can be has given Tom a unique perspective on treatment and knows exactly how you feel when in pain. Come see how he can help you at his therapy clinic.

Jeannie is TEH Therapy’s experienced receptionist and is our first point of contact for clients. She has exceptional client care skills and can answer a lot of your questions about TEH Therapy and help you with anything you may need and book in appointments.

Her calm and cheerful manner is what sets her apart and completes the whole experience here at TEH Therapy clinic.


Our Therapy Clinic is based in Coventry attending to the area throughout Coventry, including Rugby, Bedworth, Nuneaton and Warwickshire.

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