Back Pain Clinic Coventry

The back is the strongest most valuable structure in the body and can be the most common area to be in pain.

The spine acts as a protective barrier for our central nervous system (CNS) and our ribs protect our vital organs. Together they act as scaffolding for our core muscles to hold us up and allow for all our movements, it’s an amazing and wonderful structure. But sometimes you can get back pain and this can be some of the most debilitating pain that we know.

Man With Back Pain
Back Pain

Why is this?

Back pain can be caused by a variety of issues;

  • Pulled muscle
  • Broken bone
  • Ligament damage
  • Cartilage damage
  • Bulging disk
  • Slipped disk
  • Pinched nerves
  • Muscular tightness
  • Stress
  • Underlying medical conditions

All these back pain problems can be treated at TEH Therapy in Coventry, whether it’s directly where the pain is; like tension, pulled muscles and ligament damage. Or whether it’s about treating symptoms allowing the body to concentrate healing; like with slipped disks, bulging disks and cartilage damage.

We have all felt times when our upper or lower back were about to ‘go’ but not known why or what’s caused it. That’s where we come in with our back pain clinic in Coventry; different back pains come with differing symptoms allowing us to narrow down and identify the source of the back pain in Coventry during an assessment. Then it’s all about the right treatment.

How can we treat back pain?

Back pain can be treated in a variety of methods depending on what the source of the pain is. The two approaches we use for treating back pain in Coventry are;

  1. Correcting the source of the pain manually
  2. Treating the symptoms to promote healing

Upper and lower back pain in Coventry can be caused by muscular problems, tension, ligament damage and pinched nerves all fall into the first category of treatment. This is because we can help the body directly heal these structures and increase the function of the affected tissues. We can do this with treatments including;

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Joint manipulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Rehabilitation programs

The second category of treatments are similar but it’s how we use them that differs. Sources of severe back pain in Coventry that fall into this category can be slipped disk, bulging disk and underlying medical conditions. These problems cannot be directly treated due to the possibility of causing more short term pain without any benefit. However they all have symptoms that affect other parts of the body that can be treated.

For instance with slipped or bulging disks in the lumbar (lower) spine one side effect can be sciatica. The pain associated with sciatica is very treatable even if the source of the pain cannot be. We do this because reducing the pain we feel, also reduces the stress the body is under. Therefore it can focus on healing the area that really needs help, the slipped/bulging disk.

What structures are part of the back?

There are three main structures that make up the back.

The Spine

The big and obvious bone structure that makes up most of the back is the spine. Made up of many small vertebra and disks of cartilage, it protects the CNS and provides the support the holds our entire upper body up. It is one of the strongest and most resilient structures in the body. Even so it too can have problems that causes back pain in Coventry.

The two big problems with the spine are slipped disks and bulging disks. The difference between the two problems are large but both result in us feeling similar painful patterns. Slipped disks are when the bony vertebra move out of its usual alignment with the vertebra above and below it, causing a protrusion in the spine and creating lots of back pain. A bulging disk occurs in the cartilage disks not the vertebra. A bulge in the disk is when a portion of the spongy cartilage protrudes beyond the normal disk edges much like a hernia. Again this can cause severe back pain not just around the site of the disk but along any associated nerves.

The Ribs

The ribs are also part of the structures of the back not just your chest. Their main function is for protecting vital organs but when it comes to the back it is massively useful for muscular attachments. They allow the muscles of the back to attach and pull on them allowing for us to both bend backwards and twist around our spine. The main source of back pain when it comes to the ribs is either broken bones or dislocated cartilage commonly referred to as popped cartilage. Unfortunately with the ribs the remedy for them is time. We cannot speed up the healing process of this structure and any treatments are likely to cause more pain not reduce it.


The Scapula (shoulder blade)

Another structure of the back that is also very important is the scapula (shoulder blade) it sits on top of the ribs and moves with the shoulder and spine. Again this structure is vitally important for movement of the shoulder and arm, but also allows for better and more efficient control of the neck. Back pain associated with the scapula are mainly muscular in origin such as pulled muscles or even pinched nerves. Due to the nature of these types of injuries it often leads to reduced mobility of the scapula, leading to reduced function of the shoulder and arm. These sources of back pain can usually be directly treated and do not take too long to improve and resolve.