80% of clients who come into TEH Therapy complaining of pain in their necks/shoulder has been caused by a lack of movement.  We are not moving as much as we should in our daily lives. Desk jobs are renowned for limiting our movement, being stuck sitting in front of the screen for 8 hours a day, is not ideal but a necessary evil for most of us. Don’t get me started on smart phones head bent down looking at the screen for hours on end. Our neck and shoulder muscles are being put through a lot.

Here at TEH Therapy one of our most popular and beneficial treatments that we specialise in is deep tissue massage.

Why is that the case though? Well, deep tissue massage can be used for a magnitude of conditions and ailments which may affect any of us; whether it’s stress that is causing increased tension or a painful stimulus such as injury, deep tissue massage can help.

We need to relieve the strain we have been putting on our bodies, deep tissue massage can really help with this and it has the following benefits.

Increased movement

Deep tissue massage is one of the best ways to start increasing your movement. There have been many studies done into how deep tissue massage lengthens muscles. A 2005 study in the physical therapy in sport journal shows how effective deep tissue massage can be with muscle length. By increasing the length of our muscles it allows for an increase in range at the joint those muscles affect. An increase in range decreases pain easing tension, allowing more movement and elevating stress.

Stress Relief

Deep tissue massage can help elevate stress by releasing tension that has built up, in our bodies, especially in our necks. The immediate benefits of the massage can last for days, however, the overall benefits of decreased tension and reduced stress can last for weeks and is not to be underestimated.

Lower blood pressure and heart rate

A little-known benefit of deep tissue massage is that it doesn’t just relax you mentally but physically too. Massage magazine informs us that a 2008 study on 263 people showed lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure after a deep tissue massage as well as a lower heart rate of about 10 beats less per minute. This shows that the stress relieving effects are not just psychological ones such as release in tension. But physical as well with an increase in muscle length and reducing heart rates and blood pressure.