Sports Therapist Coventry

At TEH Therapy, we are a sports injury clinic in Coventry. Our professional and welcoming team provides specialist sports therapy for people in Coventry. As well as the surrounding areas. Coventry is a bright university city in Warwickshire known for its three cathedrals. Sir Basil Spence designed Coventry Cathedral and it was built next to the ruins of St. Michael’s which was destroyed during the blitz.

Part of the classic film The Italian Job was filmed in the Stoke Aldermoor suburb of Coventry. The film’s iconic Mini car chase was shot in Coventry’s huge sewer pipes, which have now become a part of history. Although Coventry has grown, it is still a friendly and welcoming city that we are proud to serve.

At TEH Therapy, our aim is to get you moving freely and pain-free again. We offer a range of treatments tailored for each individual case. We want to work with you to guide you towards the right injury solution for you.

Back Pain Clinic Coventry

The back is the most common area for pain in the human body. This is because your back is the most valuable structure in your body. Imagine your spine and ribs as scaffolding for all your key upper body muscles. When you consider this, it is no surprise that everyone will get occasional back pain. And although common, back pain can be debilitating and incredibly painful.

At TEH Therapy, we have experts who can identify the cause of your back pain and quickly treat your symptoms. Both upper and lower back pain is linked to muscular problems, tension, ligament damage, and pinched nerves. If we identify one of these problems a sports therapist from TEH Therapy can directly treat your affected issues.

Sports Massage Coventry

Among the treatments, our dedicated staff offers our:

  •         Deep Tissue Massage
  •         Joint Manipulation
  •         Acupuncture
  •         Rehabilitation Programs

A deep tissue massage is great to increase your range of movement. A deep tissue massage works by elongating your muscles, when your muscles are longer this allows for more movement and reduces any pain. Our specialist sports therapists will provide you with an exercise program as part of your rehabilitation. Tailored to fit in with your lifestyle and suit any of your needs.

Acupuncture Coventry

Acupuncture originated in China as a treatment over 2000 years ago. At TEH Therapy, we offer medical acupuncture in Coventry. Medical acupuncture is a westernised form of acupuncture we use to treat both acute pain and chronic pain conditions.

Medical acupuncture is a very adaptable treatment that can be used to treat a variety of problems with your body. Such as:

  •         Joint pain
  •         Muscular pain
  •         Arthritis pain
  •         Tendentious (inflammation of a tendon)
  •         Spondylitis (inflammation of the spine)

What acupuncture can offer is a great treatment for various conditions or disabilities, which is an alternative to deep tissue massage.

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If you have back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain we have treatments to help you get back to your old self. At TEH Therapy, our specialist team of sports therapists can identify what is causing you pain and provide a treatment to help. Afterwards, we will then offer you a detailed rehabilitation programme that fits your needs and requirements.

If any of our treatments interest you, please feel free to give us a call on 0759 1988 110 or fill out an enquiry form today.