Many of us will experience a trapped nerve at some point in our life. Most of the time it manifests in our upper backs and into our necks causing large amounts of discomfort and annoyance, especially at work. Well you really don’t have to put up with it, Here is what a trapped nerve means and how do we treat it.

What causes a trapped nerve?

A trapped or compressed nerve usually happens at the nerve root in the spine but can also be caused by a muscular impingement.  Conditions such as herniated or prolapsed disks can cause a compression of the nerve root as well as swelling or a severe narrowing of the root canal at the spine.  A lot of people come into the clinic complaining of a pinched nerve when that just isn’t the case. It is a very common term that is misused to describe a variety of pains.

How do we know it’s a pinched nerve?

The symptoms of a pinched nerve can vary but they all do follow one simple rule. Symptoms will be localised to the path of the nerve that is pinched. What this means is that when a nerve becomes impinged symptoms will travel down the length of the nerve and can manifest at any point along it. These symptoms include;

  • Numbness
  • Pins and Needles
  • Burning sensations
  • Shooting pains

Pinched nerve may manifest as all of these symptoms or just a few but it’s important to identify what is and is not a pinched nerve.


Treatment for pinched nerves can be time consuming but very affective. Heat treatment can be very useful. Hot water bottles are good to use as the heat will increase blood flow and reduce muscular tension along the nerve. This eases any muscular tension along the nerve and with the increase in blood flow also comes an increase in the body’s natural healing ability.

Medical acupuncture can also be a great tool for pinched nerve. Medical acupuncture works be desensitising the brain and central nervous system to pain, therefore reducing your symptoms and allowing you to go about your day a lot easier.

Identifying and treating pinched nerves is the first and an easy step to ridding you of pain and this can all be identified and treated at TEH Therapy.