A lot of us get neck pain, it’s just a sign of the times with working on computers or at home on our phones. We spend a lot of our time with our hands and arms out in front of us just like I am now writing this post. However neck pain is not something we should be having, it’s not something that you have to put up with. It is a sign of modern times, but NOT a good one.

Most of us work at our desks for 8 or 9 hours a day. We eat, drink and have our meetings at our desks. While practical for work, think what that does to our bodies. The fact is even if you have the best posture in the world, if all you do is work at a desk and go home then you’re going to be in pain. Youth helps when you first start working but eventually it will become a problem, one that is so easily treated and corrected. I wonder why anybody puts up with it in the first place.

Why are we in pain to start with?
When at our desks we sit with our arms in front of us on the desk typing away. This action brings our shoulders forward into a protracted position. This directly affect our shoulder blades, they slide slightly to allow the shoulders to come forward. This stretches a group of muscles called your Rhomboids. These lie between your shoulder blade and your spine, responsible for pinching your shoulder blades together. A vital movement that allows for shoulder and neck mobility.

While your shoulders are protracted your head is also dipping forward even if you sit back in your seat your head must come forward for prolonged shoulder protraction. To compensate your chin raises to level your head to look directly at your screens. This whole action puts your Trapezius muscle on a stretch.

The combination of both your rhomboids and trapezius muscles being stretched for 9 hours is not good for the body. With this prolonged stretch occurring the body will try to protect itself to stop any over stretching happening. The body protects it’s self by tightening into myofascial knots, areas of tension that are quite painful the bigger/more you have.

Treatment is so easy that I often can’t believe people don’t seek help for the pain. The treatment for the issue is a simple deep tissue massage program and easy strengthening exercises, (and when I say easy strengthening exercises I mean ones you can do at home/work with no equipment; no gym membership required) to get the muscles moving again.

It really is that simple for this type of neck pain. It’s just about knowing where to go and what exercises to do (most of you are probably doing them without realising, just not frequently enough).