Top Tips for Reducing Muscle Pain 

Having sore muscles a day or two after an intense workout is completely normal, especially if you’re new to this or are increasing your exercise intensity. Why is the pain delayed? The delayed pain is caused by tiny injuries in the muscle fibre and connective tissue.  In this blog, we will be delving into some practices that you can do to help reduce muscle pain. 

How Long is Muscle Pain Supposed to Last?

Like we said beforehand, sore muscles a few days after an intense workout is completely normal, but when does it become too much? 

Typically, muscle aches and pains tend to subside after 24 – 48 hours, however, if you’re still suffering after that then it may be a sign of a serious muscle injury. If you’re suffering from muscle pain as well as having difficulty breathing, high fever, muscle weakness or a stiff neck, it’s time to call your doctor. 

What is DOMS?

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or more commonly referred to as DOMS, is a common condition. As the name suggests, it’s a condition which causes a delay in muscle pain, which means that you may have exercised on Monday but feeling it on Thursday. 

Tips & Tricks for Reducing Muscle Pains

  1. Massage

Going for a sports massage is a great way to relax those tight muscles and soothe those aches and pains. If you would like to find out more, give us a call on 07591 988110 or pop us an email on


It’s so important to stretch before and after exercise, which helps warm up your body ready for your rigorous workout. Simple movements like arm swings, lunges and star jumps can get your body warmed up and ready to workout. 

     3. Ice Packs

If you notice swelling of the muscle or joint area, grab an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas. Wrap the ice pack in a thin towel and hold on the swollen area for no longer than 15 minutes. 


Just because you’re aching, it doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising completely. You’re more likely to get muscle aches and pains if you stop exercising. 

     5.Warm Bath

A warm bath can help all problems, the slow heat from a warm bath can help to loosen those tight muscles, providing temporary relief. Grab the bubble bath and start running the water. 

     6.Heat Pack

If the aches and pains are getting more intense but there is no swelling, take a heat pack. This will help to boost blood circulation, helping to relieve some of the pain. 

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